Volunteer to a Paid Job Blog Post from Deb Kloeppel

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A special note from Deb Kloeppel, CEO of MSCCN

We here at MSCCN find out what our Volunteers want and need in a paid job. We give Volunteers specific duties and realistic deadlines to complete their tasks within a non-paid environment which compliments their “wish-list: of a paid job environment. The new skills they learn and the current skills they hone are then placed in their resumes which attract recruiters who hold jobs on our site (and other sites). We firmly believe that building skill sets (new and current) becomes attractive to employers. It’s a fact that employers want to hire someone who’s already working. The same goes for someone who’s in-between jobs (job gap) who chooses to volunteer specific efforts which suits and builds their current and new skill sets.. ESPECIALLY soft skills – such as honing your “people skills”. When I was laid off in 1983 at a major airline for six months – I volunteered at a Catholic retreat home. Why a retreat home? I wanted to test my marketing skills and hone my accounting skills – so I became the retreat home’s marketing and accounting volunteer. Once back in the workforce I applied my newly honed skills and within 3 years, became a SVP at the same major airline. I have volunteered my skills sets EVER since – while in a paid job. Nothing beats learning a new skill set inside a business infra-structure in which you work and learn at your own pace – such as a Volunteer does. The secret sauce: keep moving in a forward fashion when filling the job gaps with TARGETED non-paid work. The MOST successful people I know are those who never sit still in the job market whether paid or non-paid.

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