Star Producers / Military Spouse Applicants

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A Strong Sense of Self by Deb Kloeppel, CEO of MSCCN

Corporate recruiters are trained to detect applicants with low self-esteem issues or grandiose attitudes. Don’t fall into the victim mode or blame mode when interviewing for a job. Chatty applicants DON’T get hired. The MSCCN wants to provide some awareness tips to help you become totally focused when moving toward an important job interview. Corporate recruiters pick up on underlying feelings of their applicants. In what other environment besides paid therapy are you one-on-one with a stranger talking about yourself? A job interview is NOT therapy. As elementary as this sounds many qualified applicants are over-looked because they treat job interviews like a therapy session. Be prepared for the questions ahead of time and don’t stray away from what makes YOU perfect for the job.

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