Month: December 2010

Veterans Facing High Unemployment

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A new Washington Post article highlights the bleak employment prospects faced by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Due to the weak economy and the stigma of service-related mental disabilities, veterans have a higher unemployment rate than their civilian peers.

Many of these young veterans are not married, but for those that are, imagine the difference it would make if the military spouse had a good job as the family transitioned from military to civilian life.

Is your military family prepared to leave the service?  If you are a military spouse, do you have the skills necessary to land a job in today’s economy?  MSCCN offers various training opportunities to help military spouses find not just a job—but a career.

Find Work Wednesday

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Is finding a new job one of your New Year’s resolutions?  MSCCN can help.  The MSCCN website offers listings for hundreds of jobs for military spouses.  Each Wednesday, MSCCN Career Navigation will highlight ten opportunities for military spouses.

This week’s Find Work Wednesday job leads include:

  1. Administrative Assistant, Mayport, FL  (ID: 38287BR)
  2. Family Advocacy Plan Victim Advocate Coordinator, San Diego, CA (ID: 38260BR)
  3. ACAP Counselor, Fort Bragg, NC  (ID: 38252BR)
  4. Member Service Representative (part-time), Fort Benning, GA (ID:38082BR)
  5. Worksite Occupational RN, North Charleston, SC (ID:38069BR)
  6. New Parent Support Program Home Visitor, Great Lakes, IL (ID: 37957BR)
  7. Client Relationship Manager, El Paso, TX (ID:37912BR)
  8. Account Resolution Manager-WORK FROM HOME, Colorado (ID: 37908BR)
  9. Program Analyst, Washington DC, (ID: 37885BR)
  10. Medical Records Clerk, Camp Pendleton, CA (ID:37859BR)

For more details on how to apply for these positions, please visit MSCCN’s job search site.

Our Commitment to Military Caregivers

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MSCCN is proud to offer the Caregiver to War Wounded Employment Program. Sensitive to the unique needs Wounded Warriors and their caregivers, the program provides resources, education, and training. The Caregiver to Wounded Warrior Employment Program is both flexible and empowering, recognizing the many challenges caregivers and Wounded Warriors face. The program is funded entirely by sponsorships, grants and donations.

Are you a caregiver or Wounded Warrior interested in learning more about our program? Please contact MSCCN.

Are you a corporation willing to sponsor training for a caregiver or Wounded Warrior? Please contact MSCCN’s President and CEO Deb Kloeppel.