Month: January 2011

Find Work Wednesday—Even More Options Edition

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career-womanDid you know that MSCCN maintains the largest job bank in the world dedicated to military spouses?  Job seekers have access to two job search platforms courtesy of the MSCCN: MSCCN’s job bank in partnership with Kenexa Inc. and a job bank sponsored by the DirectEmployers Association.

Previous editions of Find Work Wednesday have featured positions available in partnership with Kenexa.  This week’s edition features jobs available via the DirectEmployers Association.  In the past two weeks, over 500 jobs have been added or updated on this database.

To find more information about this week’s jobs and other positions available for military spouses, be sure to visit our Job Seeker Gateway:

  1. Administrative Assistant, OfficeTeam, Honolulu, HI
  2. RN Manager-Emergency Department, Banner Health, Fairbanks, AK
  3. Security Administrative Specialist, Six3 Systems, Washington DC
  4. Business Development Manager-Military and Hawaii, Pfizer, Madison, NJ
  5. Store Associate, OfficeMax, Virginia Beach, VA
  6. System Technician I, Charter Communications, Suffolk, VA
  7. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, First Health of the Carolinas, Pinehurst, NC
  8. Benefits Analyst-Agency Temp, SIRIUS, Washington DC
  9. Customer Engineer II, NCR Corporation, Albuquerque, NM
  10. Technician, Safelite Autoglass, Manhattan, KS

How to Blow an Interview

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man sneezingMichelle Singletary’s Color of Money column in yesterday’s Washington Post was chock-full of interview horror stories.  Hiring managers from major corporations shared some shake-your-head stories of Candidates Behaving Badly.

Lessons learned (among others):

  • Don’t eat from the candy dish in the interviewer’s office
  • Don’t blow your nose and line up the used tissues on the table
  • Don’t present a diploma with the original name covered up with Wite-Out
  • Don’t chuck a beer can in the trash before approaching the reception desk

Now doesn’t that make you feel more relaxed before your own interview? Do you have any interview Do’s and Don’ts to share?

MSCCN: Not Just for Military Spouses Anymore!

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texas-national-guard-on-laptopNational Guard Employment Program

The implementation of a specialized employment program is of critical importance to National Guard families. MSCCN has committed its resources in support of this endeavor. MSCCN is working with the National Guard in the development of an employment assistance program for each National Guard command located in every state and U.S. territory

Through this program, we  provide employment readiness by assisting with:

  • Resumes
  • Job search strategies (organizing your job search, guerrilla job search strategies, etc.)
  • Interview skills Networking (both on and offline)
  • Personal branding
  • Translating military skills to civilian terminology
  • And other employment readiness needs

In addition, MSCCN offers employment placement assistance to each participating National Guardsman and their spouse.

The National Guard Program consists of:

  • Peer-to-peer mentorship – direct outreach
  • Interactive Virtual Training Seminars
  • Virtual Job Clubs Support for on-site workshops with custom-tailored curriculum for each workshop that specifically addresses the needs identified by the National Guardsmen and spouses within the state/community being served
  • Work-from-home initiative
  • A full service website with job postings and resource center designated just for National Guard,  including a job bank of over 750,000 jobs per month from over 600 corporations (Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations)
  • Secure Kenexa Resume Database and Applicant Tracking System
  • Military Employment Journal (MSEJ) to provide tips, success stories, information on events, the MSCCN virtual training schedule, and other information for job seekers
  • Direct follow-up with all workshop participants
  • Job coaching and mentorship
  • Volunteer Program – opportunities for military-affiliated job seekers to develop and expand career skills and gain work experience
  • Recruiter and Corporate Connections – partnerships that expand employment opportunities for our military-affiliated job seekers

It is MSCCN’s intent to help improve National Guard force stability by improving its members’ ability to seek, obtain, and retain civilian employment through employment readiness and placement assistance after they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more information and to see the results of a pilot program, please visit MSCCN’s National Guard Employment Program.

Organizing Your Job Search: How to Start Your Job Search Off Right for the New Year!

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MSCCN logoWhere: Online

When:  Wednesday, January 26

Time: 1 p.m EST, 12 p.m. CST, 11 a.m. MST, 10 a.m. PST

Are you starting to get frustrated by your job search?  Today’s job market is extremely slow and highly competitive.  Each day that you search can be increasingly difficult and frustrating.  It is easy to give up, slow down, or feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.

Everyone says you have to treat searching for a job like it is your job and most people do.  They sit at their desk working long hours developing resumes and applying for positions.  After weeks and months of effort there is often very little payoff; you are still looking for work, and you are starting to feel like something is wrong with you.

So instead of “working” to find a job, develop a plan.  Our goal is to share suggestions to change your approach to your job search.  We will discuss how to develop a plan, create a schedule, and organize your search to improve results.

Join us as we discuss how to jumpstart your job search and move forward!

You will receive the log on details once you’re registered.

Sponsored by:

Training is open to all military-affiliated applicants.

The 30 Fastest-Growing Careers

Posted on Updated on has a great slide show of the Bureau of Labor Statistics list of the 30 fastest growing careers. Not surprisingly, many of the fastest-growing fields are in medicine and information technology.  But have you considered becoming a skin care specialist?  Or a survey researcher?  Those two career fields cracked the Top 30.

Is your chosen career field on the list?  Have you considered training or looking for a position in one of the Top 30 fields?  Does this list influence your career decisions in any way?

MSCCN’s Monthly Program Update—December 2010

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The latest edition of MSCCN’s Monthly Program Update is now available. Among the many highlights are the December hiring figures.  In December, MSCCN was proud to place 18 military spouses, veterans and caregivers in jobs.

December 2010 Gateway Report
232 Resumes Uploaded
1,550 Jobs Posted
5,438 Candidate Contacts

Navy Spouse, Jacksonville, FL
Army Spouse, Ft. Stewart, GA
Navy Spouse, Manassas, VA
Army Reservist, Maryland
Army Spouse, Langley AFB,VA
Army Veteran, Riverview, FL
Navy Spouse, Jacksonville, FL
Navy Spouse, Pensacola, FL
AF Spouse/Vet, Macon, GA
Army Caregiver, Arkansas
Air Force Spouse, Macon, GA
AF Veteran, Edgewater, FL
Navy Veteran, Jacksonville, FL
Navy Spouse, Norfolk, VA
Army Dependent, Maryland
AF Spouse, Tampa, FL
Army Caregiver, Big Springs, TX
Navy Spouse (MSCCN volunteer), Great Lakes, IL

Find Work Wednesday—Get Ready for Your Next PCS Edition

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employment-newspaperIt’s still January and although the moving truck won’t show up for another few months, it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for your job search.

Start by searching for available jobs at your next duty station.  It might be too early to apply, but it will give you a feel for the type of positions that may be open when you move.  Make note of the employers who do a lot of hiring in your new area.

Since it’s cold outside, now is the perfect time to prepare or update your resume. Be sure to check out MSCCN’s excellent resume tutorial. It will walk you through the entire resume creation process.

It’s also the time to get your professional portfolio in order.  Do you have your college transcripts? Do you have performance awards from your last position?  Have you documented all your volunteer work?  Do you have references to provide a prospective employer?  A little work and research now will save you a lot of stress when the time comes to actually apply for a job.

Here’s this week’s Find Work Wednesday to get you psyched up for your upcoming PCS.  You can find these jobs and hundreds more at MSCCN’s Job Seeker site:

  1. Area Orientation Liaison, Alutiiq, Yokosuka, Japan (39337BR)
  2. Program Manager, Alutiiq, Chesapeake, VA (39335BR)
  3. Information System Security Officer, Alutiiq, Schriever AFB, CO (39331BR)
  4. Personnel Security Assistant II, Alutiiq, Bethesda/Rockville, MD (39328BR)
  5. CYSS School Support Specialist, Serco, Fort Belvior, VA (39317BR)
  6. Logistics Planner, Serco, Fort Bragg, NC (39308BR)
  7. Center Consultant, FEDEX, Clarksville, TN (39204BR)
  8. Sales Customer Service Specialist, FEDEX, Monterey, CA (39167BR)
  9. Blue Star Museums Program Manager, Blue Star Families, Washington DC-Virtual (39108BR)
  10. Transition Assistance Program Analyst, Dept. of the Navy, Washington DC (39109BR)