Find Work Wednesday–New Year’s Edition

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It’s MSCCN’s first Find Work Wednesday edition of the new year!  If you are a military spouse, we’ve got a job for you whether you are on the East Coast, the West Coast, or stationed on an island in the Pacific Ocean!

All of today’s job leads can be found by visiting MSCCN’s job seeker page.  Be sure to check there for even more incredible opportunities for military spouses.

This week’s job leads:

  1. Financial Services Associate, Prudential Insurance Co., Jacksonville, FL (38651BR)
  2. Systems Administrator II, Serco, San Diego, CA (38641BR)
  3. AW2 Advocate (Soldier and Family services), Serco, Fort Riley, KS (38638BR)
  4. Program Director, Transportation Center, Serco, Fort Sam Houston, TX (38632BR)
  5. General Clerk III (Medical Records), Alutiiq, Guam (38618BR)
  6. Risk Manager, Serco, Fort Meade, MD (38611BR)
  7. Proposal Administrator, Alutiiq, Anchorage, AK (38602BR)
  8. Administrative/IT Support Specialist (TEMP), Zeiders Enterprises, Woodbridge, VA (38576BR)
  9. Center Shipping Coordinator, FEDEX, Tampa, FL (38528BR)
  10. Center Customer Service Coordinator, FEDEX, Savannah, GA (38497BR)

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