MSCCN’s Monthly Program Update—December 2010

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The latest edition of MSCCN’s Monthly Program Update is now available. Among the many highlights are the December hiring figures.  In December, MSCCN was proud to place 18 military spouses, veterans and caregivers in jobs.

December 2010 Gateway Report
232 Resumes Uploaded
1,550 Jobs Posted
5,438 Candidate Contacts

Navy Spouse, Jacksonville, FL
Army Spouse, Ft. Stewart, GA
Navy Spouse, Manassas, VA
Army Reservist, Maryland
Army Spouse, Langley AFB,VA
Army Veteran, Riverview, FL
Navy Spouse, Jacksonville, FL
Navy Spouse, Pensacola, FL
AF Spouse/Vet, Macon, GA
Army Caregiver, Arkansas
Air Force Spouse, Macon, GA
AF Veteran, Edgewater, FL
Navy Veteran, Jacksonville, FL
Navy Spouse, Norfolk, VA
Army Dependent, Maryland
AF Spouse, Tampa, FL
Army Caregiver, Big Springs, TX
Navy Spouse (MSCCN volunteer), Great Lakes, IL

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