MSCCN: Not Just for Military Spouses Anymore!

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texas-national-guard-on-laptopNational Guard Employment Program

The implementation of a specialized employment program is of critical importance to National Guard families. MSCCN has committed its resources in support of this endeavor. MSCCN is working with the National Guard in the development of an employment assistance program for each National Guard command located in every state and U.S. territory

Through this program, we  provide employment readiness by assisting with:

  • Resumes
  • Job search strategies (organizing your job search, guerrilla job search strategies, etc.)
  • Interview skills Networking (both on and offline)
  • Personal branding
  • Translating military skills to civilian terminology
  • And other employment readiness needs

In addition, MSCCN offers employment placement assistance to each participating National Guardsman and their spouse.

The National Guard Program consists of:

  • Peer-to-peer mentorship – direct outreach
  • Interactive Virtual Training Seminars
  • Virtual Job Clubs Support for on-site workshops with custom-tailored curriculum for each workshop that specifically addresses the needs identified by the National Guardsmen and spouses within the state/community being served
  • Work-from-home initiative
  • A full service website with job postings and resource center designated just for National Guard,  including a job bank of over 750,000 jobs per month from over 600 corporations (Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations)
  • Secure Kenexa Resume Database and Applicant Tracking System
  • Military Employment Journal (MSEJ) to provide tips, success stories, information on events, the MSCCN virtual training schedule, and other information for job seekers
  • Direct follow-up with all workshop participants
  • Job coaching and mentorship
  • Volunteer Program – opportunities for military-affiliated job seekers to develop and expand career skills and gain work experience
  • Recruiter and Corporate Connections – partnerships that expand employment opportunities for our military-affiliated job seekers

It is MSCCN’s intent to help improve National Guard force stability by improving its members’ ability to seek, obtain, and retain civilian employment through employment readiness and placement assistance after they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more information and to see the results of a pilot program, please visit MSCCN’s National Guard Employment Program.

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