Online Job Skills Earned Amy High-Ranking Approval

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People often talk about online education opening doors. For Amy Schofield, it literally did. Right into the home of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff! 

Amy, married to a Navy test pilot, earned her Master Certificate in Human Resources. The training she received through the online program gave her the confidence and skills to get a position with the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), a non-profit organization that assists military-affiliated applicants in job readiness. 

While working at MSCCN, Amy wrote her first grant, and received $10,000 from the Newman’s Own Foundation to fund bi-weekly webinars that offered virtual employement training to servicemembers and their spouses. Amy, with her test pilot husband in tow, was honored at the home of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen. Everybody at the ceremony, seeing Amy’s husband standing there, inquired what he had done to garner the invite. “Actually,” he replied proudly, “I’m here because of my wife.” 

When asked to elaborate on the benefits of her online training, Amy could barely contain herself. “As a military spouse, my life is always changing. New duty stations, new friends, new jobs. But the one constant, while enrolled at Villanova University Online, was that I always knew I’d be able to log on to my classes anytime, anywhere I needed.” For someone moving constantly, that online convenience helped open the door to a whole new career and life.

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