Find Work Wednesday—Work in Your Pajamas Edition

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telecommuteWith the price of gas soaring, who wouldn’t want to simply walk down the hall to get to work?  Virtual work is ideal for a military spouse.  Your job moves with you where ever the military sends you.  However, working at home is not easy.  It requires a lot of self-discipline and excellent time management and computer skills.  And yes, you may still need childcare.  But on the bright side, your clients won’t need to know you are working in your favorite flannel PJ’s!

We’re changing our format up a bit this week to highlight work-from-home positions available on our Jobseekers page.  All of today’s opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings using the MSCCN Job Search Search Platform”.

AOL Patch
1. Associate Regional Editor, San Diego, CA (44961BR)
2. Local Online Sales Executive, Carlsbad, CA (44903BR)
3. Local Online Sales Executive, Rockville, MD (44911BR)
4. Local Editor, Burke, VA (44880BR)
5. Local Editor, Mt. Pleasant, SC (44868BR)

Please check for even more opportunities with AOL on our Jobseekers page.  There are many other opportunities in cities around the country.  There may be a great position for one of our National Guard or Reserve spouses.

Alpine Access—Customer Care Professional (Part-Time and Full-Time positions available)
1. Any city, Washington state (44714BR)
2. Any city, Texas ( 44711BR)
3. Any city, Utah (44712BR)
4. Any city, North Carolina (44703BR)
5. Any city, Georgia (44682BR)

Again, opportunities exist for military spouses residing in many other states. Be sure to let them know you are a military-affiliated candidate.

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