Find Work Wednesday—Hot Jobs for Teachers Edition

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teacher with childThe traditional school year may be winding down, but the Florida Virtual School is recruiting certified teachers for its online K-12 school.  This is a great opportunity for a military spouse living out of the state, but has a valid Florida teaching certificate!  These are work-from-home, virtual positions.  Full and part-time opportunities are available.

All of today’s opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings using the MSCCN Job Search Search Platform”.

  1. Algebra II Instructor (45165BR)
  2. American Government Instructor (45164BR)
  3. Chemistry Instructor (45163BR)
  4. Biology Instructor (45162BR)
  5. Content Writer, Subject Matter Expert Information (45159BR)
  6. Curriculum Services Project Manager (45147BR)
  7. Latin Instructor (45153BR)
  8. Spanish Instructor (45146BR)
  9. Driver’s Ed Instructor (45158BR)
  10. Computer Programming Instructor (45160BR)

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