Find Work Wednesday- The LivingSocial Edition

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With the economy on a roller coaster and skyrocketing prices it seems everyone is trying to save a buck. For savvy internet shoppers, LivingSocial has become a popular site to find local bargains. So popular, that the company is expanding rapidly. For anyone that enjoys shopping, and finding a great deal, have you considered turning that into a career?
About LivingSocial “We are a game-changing social shopping company that knows its power comes from its people. The passion and innate curiosity of the LivingSocial team is felt in all aspects of the business. Our collaborative and comfortable work environment is filled with highly driven people, and we challenge one another to stretch our abilities and pioneering mindsets.”
All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.
1. Customer Service, Boston, MA, 45474BR
2. Part-Time Experience Coordinator, Baltimore, MD, 45475BR
3. Freelance Writer, Cedar Rapids, IA, 45456BR
4. Freelance Writer, Syracuse, NY, 45443BR
5. Assistant Editor, San Fransico, CA, 45459BR
6. Special Projects and Design Associate, NY, NY, 45461BR
7. Freelance Writer, St. Louis, MO, 45444BR
8. General Manager Sales, Baltimore, MD, 45442BR
9. Assistant Editor, Washington, DC, 45460BR
10. Freelance Writer, Shreveport, LA, 45445BR

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