Find Work Wednesday- The Reaching Out Edition

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As the school year winds down, PCS season starts to kick
into high gear.  Whether you are on the
road for a long awaited vacation or to reach your new home, we all depend on
technology to help us reach our destination.
I like to use my smart phone to
check traffic on routes, call family and hotel stops, check email, look up
interesting route info, and quiet the restless kids with quick games.

As military families, we value convenience and the security
of being able to stay connected while traveling.  Cell phones also allow our family to have one
number as a way for family to reach us even when we are miles away!

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and
thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. The opportunities can be found by
clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”.

  1. AT&T Customer Assistant, Bellaire, TX, 46327BR
  2. AT&T Customer Assistant, Little Rock, Arkansas, 46315BR
  3. Customer Service Representative I, Oscala, FL, 46329BR
  4. AT&T Sales Consultant, Shreveport, LA,  46330BR
  5. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, Miami, FL, 46331BR
  6. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, Houston, TX, 46377BR
  7. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, Dallas, TX 46376BR
  8. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, San Rafael, CA, 46375BR
  9. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, Salem, Oregon, 46374BR
  10. AT&T Bilingual Sales Consultant, Santa Rosa, CA, 46373BR

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