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Find Work Wednesday – The Thrill Seeker Edition

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Everybody has a secret job that they desire, when I was little I wanted to be a pilot like my Uncle Gary.  I remember thinking he was the coolest person and I was so proud of him.  I loved going to his house in the summertime, he owned a county airport and I got to help out around the airport, listen to him and the air traffic controllers communicate with pilots, navigate through storms, call coordinates, practice in the simulator, and go out to pick up and return passengers.  Because it was a private airport he often got celebrities travelling to New York, I remember the day that Christopher Reed flew in.

Unfortunately, my vision was not so good.  So instead I went to college and got a communications degree so that I could write and report about newsworthy events.  But I still can’t help but dream about what jobs would have been available to me if I had followed one of my childhood dreams.

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. The list of opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”.  If you don’t find one of you dream jobs there then try clicking on “Search for Job Openings with DirectEmployers Association”.

  1. Global Hawk Instructor Pilot, Beale AFB, CA 48404BR
  2. Airship Pilot, Sierra Vista, AZ 48403BR
  3. Pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, St. Inigoes, MD 48402BR
  4. GH Production Pilot, Palmdale, CA 48401BR
  5. Pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Palmdale, CA 48400BR
  6. Pilot Turboprop, Van Nuys, CA  48399BR
  7. Global Hawk Pilot, Edwards AFB, CA 48398BR
  8. Director of Flight Operations Test Pilot, Baltimore, MD 48397BR

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An update on Joining Forces

The White House, Washington

Dear Friends,

Last weekend, I had the chance to participate in an annual event called “Operation Thank You!” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Operation Thank You! began there in 2004 as a way to thank and honor military service members and their families for their sacrifice. It was a great day, and I had the chance to meet with many of the families in attendance, and thank the organizers for their hard work.

The event was a great example of the types of action and outreach that the First Lady and I are trying to encourage around the country through our Joining Forces initiative.

The First Lady and I have seen some incredible examples of people reaching out to military families just like in Portsmouth – and we want to formally applaud these efforts.

So today I’m excited to announce the Joining Forces Community Challenge. We would like to recognize the great work that citizens, communities, schools, non-profits, faith-based institutions, philanthropic organizations, and local governments are doing to support our military families.

Learn more about the Challenge and tell us your story:

We will award several national non-monetary prizes and the winners will be honored at an event in Washington, DC in early 2012.

We all have a role – big or small – to play in supporting our military families. Whether it’s hosting a baby shower for an expectant military mom, lending a hand with accounting during tax season or holding parades to welcome home our wounded warriors, everyone can do something.

If you or someone you know is has demonstrated a genuine and deep desire to be of service to military families, we want your story to be a part of the Joining Forces Community Challenge.



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The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111

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I'd like to share this event with you!

"Guerrilla Job Search Tactics for Job Seekers"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Was it a Manic Monday?

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Did the Monday Morning Commute get you down?  Dreaming of owning your own business….


Do you have a concept that you believe would be a great product or service? Many times the greatest inventions come from the most unusual places and when you stumble upon an idea – the next question is, “What do you do with it”? Here are
a few simple steps to put your concept to the test to see if it can become the business of your dreams!


We all like to believe that our friends and family are a reflection of the marketplace, but regretfully their “buy in” is sometimes not a valid market test. To find out if your product or service is “cash worthy” give it to a few friends, but ask that they share it with others outside of your circle.  When strangers begin to inquire on where to buy your product, be rest assured you are on the
path to a strong opportunity.


In today’s economy everyone is out for a deal – but do not undervalue your new product. Work to find a balance of both quality and affordability. Remember that in the beginning you may have to set an introductory price to get new customers to test your product, but overtime as your reputation builds so will the ability to increase your money making potential.


Be frugal by purchasing only what you absolutely need to make and sell your roduct. Save money with online companies such as for business cards or build an affordable website with companies like You do not need a lot of money to build a successful business. Remember the more you save – translates into the more you earn.


This is where you’ve got to put on your business hat and put your ego in check. If your customers tell you they love the product, but hesitate to buy due to the price you need to find a more realistic price point. However, if your customers are buying multiple pieces without hesitation, then you are probably a bit under priced. This is not a bad problem to have as long as you can keep
up with the customer demand. Finding a balance that works for you and the customer is the key to a successful pricing strategy.


Every entrepreneur loses sleep over this question and the answer is yes – this dream can come true! You are not unlike those that have gone before you, changing the world one product or idea at a time. Do not fear the unknown – embrace it with gusto, enthusiasm and a clear focus on building the right product for you and your customers!

Written By: Roxanne Reed




Find Work Wednesday: Taking Your Job Search to the Next LEVEL Edition

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Have you ever heard the expression, “If you do what you have always done then, then you will get the same results!”  So when our employment specialists work with candidates we usually start with the question, “what have you already done and
how is that working for you?”  This helps us get a sense of what your immediate needs are and what we need to work on to
get you to the next level.

Obviously, every candidate ultimately wants to find employment, however, not all candidates are in the same place so it is important to listen and do what makes sense.  If you are starting out, getting back into, or and experienced jobseeker you have
different needs and challenges.  Every jobseeker I have ever met has had to conquer a few challenges while climbing
into the next level.  So jump in to your search where you are at and enjoy the journey ahead, it might now work out the
way you want it to.  But in the end, it just might be the best thing ever!

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military-affiliated jobseekers can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.

  1. Project Manager, Level 3, Sacramento, CA, 47994BR
  2. Project Manager, Level 3, Newark, NJ, 47993BR
  3. Project Manager, Level 3, Dallas, TX, 47992BR
  4. Project Manager, Level 3, Tampa, FL, 47991BR
  5. Project Manager, Level 3, Philadelphia, PA, 47990BR
  6. Project Manager, Level 3, Houston, TX, 47988BR
  7. Project Manager, Level 3, Atlanta, GA, 47989BR
  8. Project Manager, Level 3, NY, NY, 47987BR
  9. Project Manager, Level 3, Broomfield, CO, 47986BR

Good luck taking your career to the next level…maybe even Level 3!

Find Work Wednesday: Humana Positions Edition

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It is pretty commonly known that there are shortages of nurses and doctors in the health care industry, and that the field is continuing to grow and demand workers.  Due to the shortage many health care facilities are being creative with schedules to attract and keep valuable employees.  Offering days, nights, weekends, split shifts, creative work weeks, job sharing, and countless perks
to attract great workers.

Did you know that many of the fastest growing health care jobs are concentrated in the health services field and 19% of all health care job growth from 2004 – 2014 will be in health services. Factors contributing to continued growth in this industry include the
aging population, which will continue to require more services, and the increased use of innovative medical technology for intensive diagnosis and treatment. The effect of the increasing proportion of the elderly is already being felt.  So if you are interested in
going into a growing field below are a variety of health care openings that may interest you.

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. The opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”.


  1. Patient Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse, Humana, Augusta, GA, 47418BR
  2. TSC Manager, Humana, Patrick AFB, FL, 47413BR
  3. Veteran’s Project Manager, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47412BR
  4. Billing & Enrollment Representative, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47405BR
  5. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, Augusta, GA, 47415BR
  6. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, San Antonio, TX, 47414BR
  7.  Disease Management Clinician, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47402BR
  8. Disease Management Clinician, Humana, Louisville, KY 47403BR
  9. Consulting Systems IT Engineer, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47401BR
  10. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, Biloxi, MS, 47404BR




Find work Wednesday – Procrastinator’s Edition

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Weekly Posting for Wednesday, July 6

POSTED on Thursday, July 7

By Deb Kloeppel, CEO MSCCN

We ALL procrastinate sometimes – even me. So I thought to myself what types of corporate and small biz jobs would forgive or allow workers to procrastinate for very good reasons from time to time.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate.  An interesting article was posted today on about the
different types of procrastination.

There are fivetypes of procrastinators

  1. The Overly Relaxed – someone who is too lazy to start.
  2. The Intelligent – someone who feels they can get it done “later” because they’re smart
    enough to get it done in a short amount of time.
  3. The Decisional Type  – someone who can’t decide.
  4. The Escapist– someone who is a day dreamer
  5. The Afraid – someone who is afraid of the unknown

Jobs for procrastinators:


Freelance authors

Keynote speakers

Motivational speakers and authors



Division of Motor Vehicles Representatives

Emergency Room Nurses

Doctors and Ward Clerks

Flight Attendants – all airlines

Airline Ticket Agents – all airlines

Airline Baggage Handlers – all airlines

Anyone who works at any city hall

Express Lane Cashiers at Wal-Mart, Target, and military exchanges at 5 pm

Toll booth operators on any highway

Reality show stars

Customer Service Representatives




Carnival Ride Operator

Medical Marijuana Service Reps

Since this is the “procrastinator’s edition” we figure we have a few days to post jobs…