Find work Wednesday – Procrastinator’s Edition

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Weekly Posting for Wednesday, July 6

POSTED on Thursday, July 7

By Deb Kloeppel, CEO MSCCN

We ALL procrastinate sometimes – even me. So I thought to myself what types of corporate and small biz jobs would forgive or allow workers to procrastinate for very good reasons from time to time.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate.  An interesting article was posted today on about the
different types of procrastination.

There are fivetypes of procrastinators

  1. The Overly Relaxed – someone who is too lazy to start.
  2. The Intelligent – someone who feels they can get it done “later” because they’re smart
    enough to get it done in a short amount of time.
  3. The Decisional Type  – someone who can’t decide.
  4. The Escapist– someone who is a day dreamer
  5. The Afraid – someone who is afraid of the unknown

Jobs for procrastinators:


Freelance authors

Keynote speakers

Motivational speakers and authors



Division of Motor Vehicles Representatives

Emergency Room Nurses

Doctors and Ward Clerks

Flight Attendants – all airlines

Airline Ticket Agents – all airlines

Airline Baggage Handlers – all airlines

Anyone who works at any city hall

Express Lane Cashiers at Wal-Mart, Target, and military exchanges at 5 pm

Toll booth operators on any highway

Reality show stars

Customer Service Representatives




Carnival Ride Operator

Medical Marijuana Service Reps

Since this is the “procrastinator’s edition” we figure we have a few days to post jobs…

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