Find Work Wednesday: Humana Positions Edition

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It is pretty commonly known that there are shortages of nurses and doctors in the health care industry, and that the field is continuing to grow and demand workers.  Due to the shortage many health care facilities are being creative with schedules to attract and keep valuable employees.  Offering days, nights, weekends, split shifts, creative work weeks, job sharing, and countless perks
to attract great workers.

Did you know that many of the fastest growing health care jobs are concentrated in the health services field and 19% of all health care job growth from 2004 – 2014 will be in health services. Factors contributing to continued growth in this industry include the
aging population, which will continue to require more services, and the increased use of innovative medical technology for intensive diagnosis and treatment. The effect of the increasing proportion of the elderly is already being felt.  So if you are interested in
going into a growing field below are a variety of health care openings that may interest you.

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. The opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”.


  1. Patient Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse, Humana, Augusta, GA, 47418BR
  2. TSC Manager, Humana, Patrick AFB, FL, 47413BR
  3. Veteran’s Project Manager, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47412BR
  4. Billing & Enrollment Representative, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47405BR
  5. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, Augusta, GA, 47415BR
  6. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, San Antonio, TX, 47414BR
  7.  Disease Management Clinician, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47402BR
  8. Disease Management Clinician, Humana, Louisville, KY 47403BR
  9. Consulting Systems IT Engineer, Humana, Louisville, KY, 47401BR
  10. Patient Care Coordinator, Humana, Biloxi, MS, 47404BR




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