Veterans Day Edition – Serving those who Serve

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This picture went viral back in August. You may have seen it. It was a picture of a lone Sentinel, “walking the mat” and standing guard over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the midst of Hurricane Irene. Since July 1, 1937, through every type of weather, there has been a Sentinel from the 3rd U.S. INF Regiment – The Old Guard guarding the Unknown Soldier Tomb, every minute of every hour of every day. They consider it an honor to stand their watch, regardless of the weather the Sentinels never budge. And they never allow any feeling of cold or heat to be seen by anyone. It is an act of service, in honor and respect for the unknown soldiers buried in the Tomb and for everything they have sacrificed. We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have stood in front of this nation and fought to protect and defend the freedoms and liberties that we so easily take for granted.

For over 235 years, courageous men and women have stood up for our individual rights to disagree with our government, peacefully protest, bear arms, and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness at great personal sacrifice to themselves and their families. But, who stands behind the soldier? Who supports the men and women who have given so much to protect and defend this country? In a sense, we all do – or should be. Certainly, the family – the parents, spouses, siblings, and children who are left behind to fill in the blanks and face, each day, with the threat of losing a piece of their family’s foundation. Certainly the friends, acquaintances, and neighbors who share a meal, mow the lawn or care for a beloved pet of a deployed service man or woman.

This week’s edition of Find Work Friday Veterans Day Edition focuses on careers which support and serve our nation’s heroes. As we enter our 11th year of conflict, the toll on the lives and families of our service men and women has been significant. This nation and our military need men and women in civilian and public sector jobs who can stand behind our military and their families as the one percent of our population soldiers the burden of 10 years of war in two countries. Companies, businesses and organizations have committed to serving our military, recognizing the challenges of our military as they transition from military to civilian life, assist with financial planning, family counseling, career assistance, physical therapy, and emotional support. It may be a matter of opinion, but to me, no paycheck is greater earned than one that is earned by supporting the men and women who have served this country. Except, of course, the one earned by the serviceman (or woman) himself.

All of this week’s Find Work Friday positions and thousands of other positions for military-affilitated candidates can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. The all opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”. Additional jobs can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings with JobCentral National Labor Exchange”.

  1. Warrior Outreach Coordinator, Wounded Warrior Project, San Diego, CA 53796BR
  2. Coordinator, Family Support, Wounded Warrior Project, San Diego, CA 53795BR
  3. Legal Assistant, Wounded Warrior Project, Jacksonville, FL 53793BR
  4. Assistant, General Counsel, Wounded Warrior Project, Jacksonville, FL 53792BR
  5. Welcome Coordinator, Wounded Warrior Project, Fayetteville, NC 53791BR
  6. SVP of Programs and Entertainment, USO, Arlington, VA 53790BR
  7. Coordinator, Donor Services, USO, Arlington, VA 53789BR
  8. Director, Major Gifts & Planned Giving, USO, Arlington, VA 53788BR
  9. Center Director, USO, Honolulu,  HI 53787BR
  10. Administrative Assistant, USO, Dallas, TX53785BR

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