“Find Work Anytime – FUN JOBS EDITION” by Deb Kloeppel, CEO – MSCCN

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Deb Kloeppel
Deb Kloeppel

My husband RADM Dan Kloeppel USN (ret) says that “No matter how much you love your job, work is still work!”  I always bought into that mindset UNTIL I read this article. Oh how, I would LOVE to work as a Ferrari driving instructor – Annual salary: $120,000; or a Chocolatier – Annual salary: $90,000; or Winemaker – Annual salary: $93,000 per year!  Now if they paid someone to “whine” all day long – I would get the job hands down!

When looking for a job, remember that, yes, work sometimes is just work – like paying taxes every year – yuck! However, if you can mix your passion with a way to earn a living …you have broken the code. At the end of the day … it’s ALL about sales. Don’t kid yourself. If you can’t sell your product – you can’t earn a living. Learn your product inside-out. You may be the best chocolatier in the world; however, if you can’t sell the goodies you produce – you’ll be swimming in chocolate and debt.

First learn how to attract people to you and then to your product.  Want a really fun job that really pays well? I simply LOVE the 10 jobs listed in this wonderful article published by AOL and written by Daily Finance! http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/11/04/10-fun-jobs-that-pay-well/

If you would like an idea of the types of jobs to review, check out the links in the list below.  Thousands of other positions for military-affiliated applicants can be found at our Job Seeker’s page. (http://www.msccn.org/Job_Seekers/military_spouse_job_search.html ).   The first two opportunities in the list can be found by clicking on “Search for Opening with MSCCN”. The remaining jobs can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings with JobCentral National Labor Exchange ”.

  1. Assistant Fitness Manager, Aurora, CA 62464BR
  2. Production Specialist, NY, NY, 62178BR
  3.  In-store Demo Event Specialist, Crossmark (Gulfport, MS)
  4.  Java Senior Software Development – AirCentre Recovery Manager Crew, Sabre-Holdings (USA)
  5. Director, Product Marketing (Cargo Solutions), Sabre-Holdings (Dallas Ft Worth, TX)
  6. Operations Manager, Baton Rouge General (Baton Rouge, LA)
  7. RN – Emergency, Baton Rouge General (Baton Rouge, LA)
  8. Territory Manager Trainee – Evansville, US Foods (Evansville, IN)

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