Why CASY and MSCCN Remains No-Cost to Our Applicants

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Why CASY and MSCCN Remains No-Cost to Our Applicants    

  by Deb Kloeppel, Founder, President and CEO, MSCCN and CASY.

Duty Called – You Delivered – You Deserve a Job

Why do we personalize our no-cost services to our MSCCN and CASY applicants? We receive many calls, emails and letters to our organization, alerting us to the many for-profit employment programs and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who charge military applicants upwards of $100 a year to join career sites and/or membership fees to access “career experts” without a guarantee of a job placement.  Does that make sense to you?

Don’t even get me started with employment agencies who charge a whopping percentage of the salaries of their new military-affiliated hires. This will be another story at another time!

It seemed unfair to my Board of Directors and me to charge military applicants for our services during their most stressful time of life – getting a job. We decided as an organization which was chartered as the FIRST and ONLY military employment nonprofit organization in 2004, to never charge our beloved military community for services they deserved and earned while serving our country as a military couple and military family.  Truth is, I believe the practice of charging military people a penny to get a job to be somewhat outrageous.  Please follow our four simple rules to begin your NO-COST job placement success!

  1. Understand how valuable you are to corporate America when creating a resume that ATTRACTS the attention of the recruiter, hiring manager or organization that holds the job you want. How do you stand out in a resume … within a sea of resumes? Again – it’s all in your approach!  You have to follow online resume procedures and protocols. If you do not

know what the protocols are, please call MSCCN or attend one of our award winning live online resume development course.

Personal Note: Because I wanted to see for myself, what our applicants go through regarding impersonal job boards, I applied for a job in New Zealand as a fundraiser within their Ministry of Education and never received an automated reply. I began to understand how anonymous our military applicants can feel when throwing their resumes on job boards that are SO impersonal and SO “automated”.  I then found a phone number for the New Zealand Ministry of Education and told them that I had applied for a job as a fundraiser within their American jobs board vendor and never even received an auto reply message.  When the hiring manager reviewed my well written resume – via an email attachment – she hit the roof regarding their highly paid American jobs board provider and wanted to hire me on the spot. Sometimes you just have to PUSH – truly. Obviously I’m not going to New Zealand for the fundraiser job, but the experience of the resume upload and PUSH to get someone on the phone proved to be very valuable.  Recruiters absolutely love enthusiastic and joyful applicants.

2.  Have an elevator speech memorized that highlights your skills sets and EXACT desires for the job you want to land. Use this elevator speech to everyone you know at specific times of your job search.  You would be amazed “who knows who” as you network yourself as an active job seeker to friends, family, past co-workers, previous managers and bosses.

3.  Find a resume template which helps you take the first step to create a targeted resume. The first step:  the mighty outline of your skill sets!

4.  Prepare your family and friends for your job search attitude. You will have to devote six weeks to this intense job search environment which starts with your resume. Pulling teeth? Yes. Is it worth it? Oh my YES!

MSCCN Five STEP Procedure for Resume Upload and Job Placement Services

  1. Upload your WELL WRITTEN resume or work history to the MSCCN Website


  1. A designated MSCCN Applicant Specialist will contact you after you have uploaded your information to the website to discuss your individual job search needs and goals.
  2. The Applicant Specialist will assess your job search needs in conjunction with the CASY Applicant Program. We will then make recommendations to increase your success regarding your resume development, interview process and eventual job placement success.
  3. If online training is needed, we will recommend you sign up for one or more of our free award-winning skills assessment or resume building (live) on-line courses and explain the sign-up process available through the Training section of our website.
  4. You will receive five one-hour sessions with your CASY Applicant Specialist to assist you with the following:

• Create a Career Battle Plan

• Utilize local job search resources• Perform mock job interviews

• Provide targeted support during your job search process

Contact CASY Representatives for more information:
1-877-MY-MSCCN (1-877-696-7226) or email askus@msccn.org

For personal one-on-one employment readiness and job placement assistance please contact Erin Voirol, Manager of Gateway Development and Applicant Specialists e_voirol@msccn.org

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