“Find Work Anytime” – Would you like to Work on the Railroad?

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Rail Industry Joins Forces with Secretary LaHood and First Lady’s Initiative to HireVeterans.  A recent announcement that 500 rail industry companies will hire over 5,000 veterans in 2012.

J uly 10, the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, Association of American Railroads (AAR) President and CEO Ed Hamberger and Joining Forces Executive Director Brad Cooper announced that the railroad industry will hire more than 5,000 Veterans in 2012. Five hundred companies and organizations including freight, inter-city passenger and commuter railroads, as well as rail supply companies represented by AAR are making this significant commitment.

 “As a result of their service, Veterans have the right skills and training for successful careers in transportation,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. “Helping our Veterans find work strengthening America’s transportation system is a commitment we are proud to fulfill.”

 If you would like an idea of the types of jobs to look at, check out this week’s Find Work Anytime positions, and thousands of other positions for military affiliated applicants can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.  The jobs listed below can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings with Job Central National Labor Exchange”. These are but a few of hundreds that are listed for railroad jobs that are throughout the country. Simply go to job seeker page listed below and register (simple provide an e-mail address and create a password) and checkout the limitless job opportunities!


Job Seeker Page: http://www.msccn.org/JobSeekers/JobSearch.html

 1.      Trainee – Transportation

Norfolk Southern (USA)

2.      Management Trainee Communications and Signals

Norfolk Southern (USA)

3.      Management Trainee Strategic Planning

Norfolk Southern (USA)


BNSF Railway (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) (Grand Forks, ND)

5.      Conductor Trainee (Primary Recall)

BNSF Railway (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) (Los Angeles, CA)

6.      Conductor Trainee

BNSF Railway (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) (Sioux City, IA)

7.      Manager Telecommunications Marketing & Sales

Norfolk Southern (Atlanta, GA)

8.      Track Laborer – Savannah, GA

Norfolk Southern (Savannah, GA)

9.      Fall 2012 Coop/Internship Industrial Engineering

Norfolk Southern (Atlanta, GA)

10.  Special Agent

B&B Apprentice – Lynchburg, VA

11.  B&B Apprentice – Toledo

12.  B&B Apprentice -Canton, OH


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