“Find Work Anytime” – Aerospace and Defense Jobs

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The recession has claimed several businesses large and small, leaving many transitioning service members and veterans to wonder where they’ll find employment in the civilian world. But, there’s one industry that thrives while others wither — the defense industry.    Jobs in defense, aerospace, and homeland security are flourishing and will continue to grow this year.  What’s more, employers in these fields need qualified applicants, such as former military personnel, to fill these positions.

Defense jobs can be found all over the country but there are hot spots where opportunity abounds. Here’s a list of top 8 cities for defense careers: 1. Washington D.C.: 2. Orlando: 3. Tampa/St. Petersburg: 4. Dallas/Ft. Worth: 5. Tucson: 6. Phoenix:  7. San Diego:  8. Los Angeles.

All of this week’s Find Work Anytime positions and thousands of other positions for military affiliated applicants can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.  The jobs listed below can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Opening with MSCCN” or “Search for Job Openings with Job Central National Labor Exchange”. These are but a few of hundreds that are listed throughout the country. Simply go to job seeker page listed below and register (simple provide an e-mail address and create a password) and checkout the limitless job opportunities!

Job Seeker Page: http://www.msccn.org/JobSeekers/JobSearch.html







1 69759BR Aircraft Assembler Jacksonville, Florida

2 –Modeling Analyst Engineer 3

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp (Aerospace) (Bethpage, NY)

3 –IT Specialist 4

Teledyne Technologies (Lewisburg, TN)

4-Composite Production Engineer

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (Hawthorne, CA)

5 –Receiving Inspection Supervisor

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (Hawthorne, CA)

6ITT Systems (Houston, TX)

7 –FAA NextGen Software Engineer, Mid

ITT Systems (Herndon, VA)

8 -Senior Network Engineer

ITT Systems (Honolulu, HI)

9-C-IED Intelligence Analysts

    ITT Systems (Crystal City, VA)

10 –Senior Network Engineer

ITT Systems (Fort Bragg, NC)

11 –Laborer (Fort Huachuca, AZ)

ITT Systems (Fort Huachuca, AZ)

12 –EHI- V.P. Maint.

Evergreen International Aviation (Mcminnville, OR)

13 –Chief Inspector

Evergreen International Aviation (Mcminnville, OR)

14 –Director of Operations

Triumph Group, Inc. (Everett, WA)


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