Does using Social Media for your job search sound confusing? Then join us November 21

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Then expand Your Opportunities via LinkedIn through the upcoming on-line “Skills Training: Social Media” training November 21!

LinkedIn is the most widely known and used platform for professional networking. Creating and maintaining an updated professional profile has helped many individuals in making key connections for employment opportunities and marketing themselves to prospective employments looking for new talent.

According to recruiters Nationwide, 92% of them use LinkedIn to screen potential applicants and identify talent who may not have applied directly for the position to recruit them directly. 85% of companies have hired an applicant off of LinkedIn. With these staggering statistics it is imperative that you learn how to market yourself appropriately on social media and learn how to use LinkedIn as a resource that will assist you in obtaining employment.

Join MSCCN and CASY’s Director of Communications Amy Rossi for a very informative and FREE Virtual Training session all about Social Media. Wednesday November 21 at 1pm EST. Register NOW, Space is Limited!

Due to the large demand and interest in LinkedIn, MSCCN/CASY offers a workshop on how to use LinkedIn while seeking employment or career advancement. Check the training calendar to register for our LinkedIn focused training on November 21 at 1pm EST.  RSVP today at

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