Bizarre Jobs from History and current weird jobs!

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At MSCCN if you are military affiliated we can help you get a job but we will be up front with you and tell you of our limitations! At this time we are unable to provide job opportunities for the following jobs as follows:

1. Gong Farmer- these farmers had to stand, sometimes up to their necks in human excrement and collect it. They were allowed to work at night and they lived in designated areas!

2. Resurrection (Body Snatcher) Sold fresh cadavers for medical studies.

3. Castrato – Castrated male sopranos or contraltos who had unparalleled voices which made their limbs and ribs grow longer giving them better lung capacity.

4. Fuller – To produce softer cloth, wool used to be placed in barrel of stale urine and a fuller job was to spend all day trampling on the urine soaked wool.

5. Professional Mourner – Chinese custom since 156 BC.

6. Leech Collector – They would wade through water until bitten by leeches that were removed and sold.

7. Wet Nurse – The practice of Brest feeding someone else’s baby.

8. Jester – A clown to the court, hired to entertain the King.

9. Knocker – People hired to knock on People’s windows with sticks, or sometimes peg shooters until they awake (human alarm clock).

10. Groom of the stool – Person who attended to “all” the Crown’s “bathroom requirements” thought to be an enviable position. Read more at

11. Egg B reaker/Smeller Egg smellers, also more pleasantly known as egg breakers (but with no less unpleasant duties), are employed to separate yolks and whites for use in food products and sniff out the bad eggs in the batch.

12.  Worm Picker To catch a fish you must first catch a worm. Or get somebody else to catch it for you. That’s right, for the princely sum of as much as 4 cents per worm you can make your living crawling across Canadian farm fields pulling up wiggling bait and stuffing them into a cup.

13.  Cow Inseminator It’s amazing the science and technology that goes into breeding top quality cattle; a special computer programme is used to work out when a female cow is on heat, tracking barcodes show whether the cow is historically compatible with the sperm donor to avoid inbreeding, and modern cell freezing techniques keep the semen on ice until the appropriate time. Yet at the end of all this there has to be somebody who is willing to stick their arm, all the way up to the shoulder, up a cow’s vagina. Step forward the cow inseminator. Sure, you get a (really long) glove, and you may give a bored cow a bit of a thrill, but are you ever going to be able to look at a hamburger in the same way again?

14. Body Farm Caretaker Ah, life on a farm, the open air, the sprawling fields, the horrific stench of putrefying corpses… The USA’s body farms have replaced cute cuddly animals and flowing fields of corn with rotting human bodies carefully arranged into various positions. There are corpses half-buried in mud, cadavers weighed down in ponds, and even stiffs in the trunk of cars. These farms help forensic students study decomposition in different situations, meaning that they can do more of that neat deductive stuff you see on CSI where they tell you how long ago the victim was murdered and that they were having a nice bath in mud at the time.

15. Chicken Sexer A chicken sexer’s sole job is to discern whether new hatchlings are male or female. The females go off for egg production and the males can be used for breeding purposes. Worse still, this isn’t a job any old layperson can do – you have to have special training to be able to identify the right chick gender because at hatching all the chicks’ reproductive organs are inside their body.

16.  Shark Tank Cleaner Sharks need their homes scrubbed in big oceanographic parks – you can also spend your day in a scuba costume picking off bits of chewed fish and faeces from the tanks of everything from killer whales and dolphins to walruses and stingrays. And just imagine how much poo a whale produces.

17. Roadkill Cleaner Dead animals are safer than sharks and octopi right? Well maybe, but that doesn’t make them any more fun as you shovel their rotting corpses off the highway and into the back of your pickup truck. And you thought live skunks smelled bad.

18. Virtual Gold Farmer There’s gold in them thar websites! Well, virtual gold anyway. If you hate the sunlight, or indeed movement beyond repeatedly clicking a mouse, then this is the career for you. Spend hours online on multiplayer fantasy games such as World of Warcraft, slowly and laboriously farming gold, then sell it to other nerds who have been forced to get real jobs to pay real money for currency that doesn’t exist. Or something.

19. Fortune Cookie Writer “You will soon be asked to pay for a Chinese meal.” This and other gems could be yours for the writing if you can persuade fortune cookie manufacturers of your incredible clairvoyance (or ability to translate Chinese into English, either is good). This falls into the same category as cracker joke writer and greetings card message creator, as jobs which sound like fun the first time, but just wait until you’re struggling to find that thousandth innovative way to tell somebody they’re about to meet a tall dark stranger, while not insinuating that it could be death.

20. Zombie When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, most people would agree that they wouldn’t be first in line when they’re handing out brains to eat. However, you can make an unhealthy £30,000 a year by shuffling around and drooling at the London Bridge Experience in London, which is more than most fast food workers doing the same thing. Read more:

We apologize at this time but if you are looking for other job opportunities check us out at !

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