Find Work Wednesday’s Jobs –Hot Jobs (Customer Service Jobs)

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customer service

What Customer Service Representatives Do ?

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They provide information about products and services and respond to customer complaints. Some also take orders and process returns.  Employment of customer service representatives is expected to grow 15 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment will increase as consumers continue to demand products and services that require customer support


If these are the type of jobs you are looking for we will provide you with the personal touch (FREE) to getting you prepared, ready, and will follow you in obtaining that job!  Listed below are 12 opportunities of hundreds of opportunities throughout the country that can be found by clicking on “Search for Opening with MSCCN”. Simply go to job seeker page and register (provide an e-mail address and create a password) and checkout the limitless job opportunities and/or other free services!

Also, if you would like an idea of the types of jobs to look at check out this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military affiliated applicants can also be found at 

We are not one of those anonymous job boards which collect millions of resumes that gather dust for months on end. We have employment recruiter experts who live the military life that you do, who understand FULLY your needs and expectations. We will actually call and write to you within 24 hours of your resume upload. Imagine that! One-one-One personal service! Our services are no-cost to all military-affiliated applicants.

Auto ID Position Title Job Category City State

Customer Service Rep Level IV

Customer Service Phoenix Arizona
78037BR Center Consultant Customer Service Long Beach California


Center Consultant Customer Service Cary North Carolina
78035BR Center Consultant Customer Service

West Covina

78034BR Center Consultant Customer Service Whittier California
78032BR Center Lead Consultant Customer Service Las Vegas Nevada
78030BR Center Lead Consultant Customer Service


77856BR Center Consultant Customer Service Norwood Massachusetts
77857BR Center Consultant Customer Service Kansas City Missouri
77859BR Center Consultant Customer Service Baltimore Maryland
77861BR Center Consultant Customer Service Greenfield Wisconsin
77862BR Center Consultant Customer Service Las Cruces New Mexico




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