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Do   you have questions about “Working from Home Jobs”?  Then sign up and attend this week’s training to get the answers!

Skill Training: Want to Work From Home?   Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT 

Send   in you “Questions” before the training to make sure all will be answered!!   Send questions to “Amy Rossi”

With the changes in technology and the increased availability of internet, alternative work solutions are increasing daily. The class will discuss the three most popular ways to work from home and help students assess what options will be the best for their current situation.  This training will also briefly discuss SCAMS, business opportunities, and portable careers.

Join MSCCN on Wednesday April 24 at 1pm EDT for the Skill Training: Want to Work from Home virtual training class. This class will cover several avenues of how to make the dream of working from home come true and what options are available.

MSCCN Virtual Trainings have been shown to be very instrumental to many of our MSCCN Applicants finding employment.

Visit to register for the class and view other upcoming Virtual Training classes.

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