Month: June 2013

How important is Social Media in your Job search? If you don’t know then join us June 26th …

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Does using Social Media for your job search sound confusing? Then expand Your Opportunities via LinkedIn through the upcoming on-line “Skills Training: Social Media” training June 26th!

LinkedIn is the most widely known and used platform for professional networking. Creating and maintaining an updated professional profile has helped many individuals in making key connections for employment opportunities and marketing themselves to prospective employments looking for new talent. According to recruiters Nationwide, 92% of them use LinkedIn to screen potential applicants and identify talent who may not have applied directly for the position to recruit them directly. 85% of companies have hired an applicant off of LinkedIn. With these staggering statistics it is imperative that you learn how to market yourself appropriately on social media and learn how to use LinkedIn as a resource that will assist you in obtaining employment.

Join MSCCN and CASY’s Director of Communications Amy Rossi for a very informative and FREE Virtual Training session all about Social Media. Wednesday June 26th at 1pm EDT –  Register NOW ( Space is Limited!

Do you know that many employers prescreen job applicants thought their footprint on the Social Media platform! Employers today either screen and/or use companies to provide a report on candidates on their footprints on social media i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Are your footprints helping you or hindering you?

MSCCN Expands Career Corps to better aid our military and veteran communities!

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ccThe MSCCN Career Corps program was created in August 2010 to better aid our military spouses and veterans seeking employment or professional development.  In March 2013 Career Corps launched an addition to Career Corps, testing the pilot  with Military Musters, a veteran founded non-profit that offers programs and services that help service members, veterans, and their families through transitional times both during and after service.       This pilot, Career Corps Ambassadors, rose up out of the need to find additional opportunities for the high numbers of military spouses and veterans applying for the Career Corps program.  Through this expansion Career Corps members are trained and matched to open volunteer positions with nonprofits that have been vetted by MSCCN.  Career Corps members serve as Ambassadors to these nonprofits, volunteering in positions with the nonprofit, but still receiving training, mentorship, and assistance through MSCCN.  Nonprofits who participate in this program are mentored by the MSCCN to ensure that both the participating nonprofit and the Career Corps Ambassador are successful in this program. This is truly a win – win for all!


How important do you view Interviews? Ever walked away for an interview and thought you had nailed it but you did not get the job?

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Want to know what you need to do in the interview?
Then join us on  June 5th , 2013 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST for a training session (How to Lock that Job — Interview Techniques that Work for You!) on interview techniques that will help prepare you to lock that job and walk away from the interview with a feeling of success!
Imagine you have just received an invitation to a job interview. How do you normally feel? Are you elated, inspired and raring to go? Or are you terrified, resigned to your fate and overcome with a sense of impending doom?

Interviews are a fact of modern life and interview skills will be used by us many times throughout our lives. Most jobs are filled as a result of these one-to-one or one-to-a panel meetings between the employer and the best candidates, but interview skills are needed in a variety of situation. Turning natural worries and fears into determination and dynamism is the key to success. Whether you are applying for a job, a promotion, a training program, or even a bank loan, we all need to know about the processes involved in the interview and how to impress other people at first meeting.

Many people think that it is a pure fluke whether they are successful in interviews or not. To them, the outcome seems to depend on whether the face fits, being in the right place at the right time or some other unidentifiable cause. But the outcome of the interview process is not determined by chance. We can exercise considerable control and influence over the way the interview is conducted and, more important, over the outcome!

Join us for a training session on interview techniques that will help prepare you to lock that job and walk away from the interview with a feeling of success! Register at