From Deb Kloeppel, Founder and CEO, CASY-MSCCN:

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Dan and Deb Kloeppel
Dan and Deb Kloeppel

On July 1, 2013, my husband, Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel (USN) (ret), flew his last (retirement) flight as a 767 International Captain, out of Jackson Hole Wyoming.  American Airlines gave Dan a “Water Gun Salute” honoring Dan’s 37 years in the airlines and 36 (simultaneous) flight years in the Navy. Dan flew his entire aviation career without incident. What a wonderful send-off into retirement! Dan will now take over as Co-Founder and CEO of our CASY program.  As we packed up Dan’s flight uniforms (both military and commercial), he turned to me and said:  “I now have the time to connect all of the dots, Deb, via my retirement from the Navy and the airlines. Prepare your CASY-MSCCN for take-off regarding meteoric growth and healthy financial backing. They have done an incredible job building the best training and job placement solution in the nation for transitioning military members, veterans, and Guard and Reserve, through CASY, and military spouses, through MSCCN. 

“Our CASY-MSCCN Team Members are the best in their respective fields and now it’s time to honor their dedicated work by securing a lasting future for their continued success inside CASY-MSCCN.”

Water Gun Salute
Water Gun Salute

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