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Are you playing offense or defense?

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Have you ever heard the expression “the best defense is a good offense”? This is a sports term, I know, you are thinking how does this relate to employment? But it is very relevant to employment and life because I often see spouses are only playing defense when it comes to employment. Let’s examine the difference…

Defense: one chronological resume, no plan to accomplish goal, read weekly paper and mail resume, have a list of jobs you won’t do, have a list of hours you won’t work, have a list of reasons why you won’t find a job, and have a list of reasons why employers don’t want you, don’t know what you will do next.

Offense: a targeted resume prepared for each career field you want to pursue, have an action plan to accomplish goal, spend time each day actively looking for a career, have a list of careers you would enjoy, have a list of hours you will work, have a list of reasons and tasks that will help you get your goal, have a list of reasons why you are an ideal employee, have a backup plan.

Are you playing offense or defense? I should ask are you playing to win or not to lose? If you want a job in this economy, you are going to have to take more shots to get your ball in the net! Because there is more competition out there for each position. Get in the game and play to win!