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Career Corp Gateway Applicant Specialists Job Description

Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN)


The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide employment readiness, job training, and placement assistance at NO COST to military spouses, transitioning Military, National Guard, Reserves, Veterans, War Wounded, and Caregivers of War Wounded (i.e. military-affiliated applicants). The MSCCN was founded in 2004 by a Navy spouse and is operated and managed by a team of geographically diverse military spouses, veterans, and caregivers located near military installations across the country. MSCCN is the only nonprofit organization that works as an employment partner to the Armed Forces through Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) from every branch of service, working with Headquarters on down to the military family centers. Additionally, we bring employers and military applicants together through a unique partnership MSCCN has with DirectEmployers Association, Inc. a group of Charter Members, and numerous sponsors and donors.

Since 2004 MSCCN has assisted over 3 million military affiliated applicants in the areas of career focus, employment readiness, and job placement assistance.

Through the Career Corps Volunteer Program the MSCCN offers our military-affiliated job seekers the opportunity to serve in positions that allow them to keep their work experience current while they hone and expand their skills. Want to stay competitive? Join the MSCCN Career Corps.

MSCCN Human Resources – Gateway Job Specialists Career Corps volunteer positions are virtually served.

General Description:

The Talent Management Gateway Applicant Specialist is responsible for handling a variety of tasks in support of our corporate partners, our applicants, and the MSCCN Team. Working under the direction of the Gateway Manager, the Talent Management Gateway Specialist will work with other team members to ensure the successful delivery of MSCCN services to customers (corporations and applicants).

Key Responsibilities:
1. Contacts applicants via email and telephone to obtain additional information, schedule interviews and appointments, provide information, and introduce them to MSCCN services.

2. Provides reports and statistics that track and measure applicant progress.

3. Assists new team members by training them on functionality of the Talent Management Gateways.

4. Completes daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as required by Gateway Manager.

5. Develops and maintains relationships with applicants, corporate partners, and military family centers.
Education Requirements
Minimum: High School Diploma or GED, Associates Degree preferred. Two to three years of customer service / administrative experience, preferably in a non-profit setting.



1. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

2. Knowledge, training, and practice of superior customer service skills.

3. Organizational and time management skills.

4. Ability to work independently, maintain confidential information, multitask and follow-up.
Individuals who serve this position will learn:

Use of new software – Kenexa – that is used by thousands of companies throughout the world

Employment mapping and other human resource skills

SQL data querying and reporting (a skill almost every company wants its employees to have)

Networking and relationship building as you work with the applicants, recruiters, and the National Guard Bureau in regards to positions for National Guard Commands nationwide.

Please send your resume to Erin Voirol, Gateway Manager at

FindWork Wednesday: Salute to the Marine Corps

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It’s a time of the year many Marines look forward to and treasure, The Marine Corps Birthday on November 10th! They take their finest uniform “dress blues” out to get cleaned, shine their dress shoes, and medals.  You will hear exuberant shouts of “Happy Birthday, Simper Fi and Oorah” to their fellow brothers/Marines. There is always a sense of pride and acomplishment in the air when you are surrounded by a room full of Marines, they are happy, proud and ecstatic about what they have done, what they stand for, and the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with their fellow brothers about the good old days.

This is one of the best times of year as they celebrate another year of greatness and the beginning of the Toys for Tots Program. If you are looking for to do something good for the Marines and make a difference; consider thanking them for their service, donating to Toys for Tots, or even helping to make a special night better. You can start by looking for work at resorts, volunteer with family readiness officers to help plan and coordinate fundraising efforts, catering, babysitting, etc.

If you are looking for opportunities to  make a difference this season  and helping out a selfless group of warriors that put their lives on the line then check out this week’s Find Work Wednesday position and thousands of other position for military-affiliated
applicants can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.  The first three opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Opening with MSCCN”. The remaining jobs can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Opening with JobCentral National Labor Exchange”.

  1. SR Assistant, Office/Program FT, Detrick Maryland 52532BR
  2. Facility Technician, Las Vegas, NV 53259BR
  3. Account Executive, Raleigh, NC 52241BR
  4. MarketingGreeter/Receptionist, Daytona, FL
  5. Catering Manager, JC Resorts, Temecula, CA
  6. Assurance Entertainment & Media Manager, PWC, Los Angeles, CA
  7. Reservations Agent, Destination Hotels & Resort, USA
  8. Quality Assurance Representative, Wyndham International, Las Vegas, NV
  9. BanquetStoreroom Clerk, Luxury Resorts & Hotels, Boca Raton, FL
  10. Slots/Beverage Service Supervisor, The Palazzo Resort, Bethlehem, PA

Find Work Wednesday: A New Addition Edition

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Today was an exciting day for MSCCN, we added a new Charter Member to our organization, DirectEmployers Association.  We first partnered in August of 2010 to revolutionize employment opportunities for military affiliated candidates.  The project has grown, surpassed our expectations and brought employment success to military families across the country.

In honor of our new addition, I thought we should highlight our first Charter Member, Concentra, Inc. a member of Humana and also a member of DirectEmployers Association.  Our organizations have come full circle and have one thing in common, WE CARE.  In honor of that I think that it is fitting to post care giving positions!

All of this week’s Find Work Wednesday positions and thousands of other positions for military spouses can be found at our Job Seeker’s page.  The opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Openings with MSCCN”. The additional job opportunities can be found by clicking on “Search for Job Openings with DirectEmployers Association”.

  1. PRN Paramedic / LPN / RN, Concentra, Portland, OR, 48774BR
  2. Nurse, Concentra, St. Louis, MO, 48772BR
  3. Nurse, Concentra, Brookfield, WI, 48771BR
  4. Healthcare-Nurses/Medical Assistants, Concentra, Tulsa, OK, 48770BR
  5. PRN – Emergency Medical Technician, Concentra, St. Petersburg, FL, 48769BR
  6. PRN – Emergency Medical Technician, Concentra, Tampa,  FL,  48768BR
  7. NP/PA – Float, Concentra, Reno, NV, 48766BR
  8. NP/PA – Float, Concentra, Bakersfield, CA, 48765BR
  9. NP/PA – Float, Concentra, Fresno, CA, 48764BR
  10. Bilingual Nurse – LVN / Paramedic – Astrodome, Houston, TX, 48762BR

Was it a Manic Monday?

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Did the Monday Morning Commute get you down?  Dreaming of owning your own business….


Do you have a concept that you believe would be a great product or service? Many times the greatest inventions come from the most unusual places and when you stumble upon an idea – the next question is, “What do you do with it”? Here are
a few simple steps to put your concept to the test to see if it can become the business of your dreams!


We all like to believe that our friends and family are a reflection of the marketplace, but regretfully their “buy in” is sometimes not a valid market test. To find out if your product or service is “cash worthy” give it to a few friends, but ask that they share it with others outside of your circle.  When strangers begin to inquire on where to buy your product, be rest assured you are on the
path to a strong opportunity.


In today’s economy everyone is out for a deal – but do not undervalue your new product. Work to find a balance of both quality and affordability. Remember that in the beginning you may have to set an introductory price to get new customers to test your product, but overtime as your reputation builds so will the ability to increase your money making potential.


Be frugal by purchasing only what you absolutely need to make and sell your roduct. Save money with online companies such as for business cards or build an affordable website with companies like You do not need a lot of money to build a successful business. Remember the more you save – translates into the more you earn.


This is where you’ve got to put on your business hat and put your ego in check. If your customers tell you they love the product, but hesitate to buy due to the price you need to find a more realistic price point. However, if your customers are buying multiple pieces without hesitation, then you are probably a bit under priced. This is not a bad problem to have as long as you can keep
up with the customer demand. Finding a balance that works for you and the customer is the key to a successful pricing strategy.


Every entrepreneur loses sleep over this question and the answer is yes – this dream can come true! You are not unlike those that have gone before you, changing the world one product or idea at a time. Do not fear the unknown – embrace it with gusto, enthusiasm and a clear focus on building the right product for you and your customers!

Written By: Roxanne Reed




Find Work Wednesday—Get Ready for Your Next PCS Edition

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employment-newspaperIt’s still January and although the moving truck won’t show up for another few months, it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for your job search.

Start by searching for available jobs at your next duty station.  It might be too early to apply, but it will give you a feel for the type of positions that may be open when you move.  Make note of the employers who do a lot of hiring in your new area.

Since it’s cold outside, now is the perfect time to prepare or update your resume. Be sure to check out MSCCN’s excellent resume tutorial. It will walk you through the entire resume creation process.

It’s also the time to get your professional portfolio in order.  Do you have your college transcripts? Do you have performance awards from your last position?  Have you documented all your volunteer work?  Do you have references to provide a prospective employer?  A little work and research now will save you a lot of stress when the time comes to actually apply for a job.

Here’s this week’s Find Work Wednesday to get you psyched up for your upcoming PCS.  You can find these jobs and hundreds more at MSCCN’s Job Seeker site:

  1. Area Orientation Liaison, Alutiiq, Yokosuka, Japan (39337BR)
  2. Program Manager, Alutiiq, Chesapeake, VA (39335BR)
  3. Information System Security Officer, Alutiiq, Schriever AFB, CO (39331BR)
  4. Personnel Security Assistant II, Alutiiq, Bethesda/Rockville, MD (39328BR)
  5. CYSS School Support Specialist, Serco, Fort Belvior, VA (39317BR)
  6. Logistics Planner, Serco, Fort Bragg, NC (39308BR)
  7. Center Consultant, FEDEX, Clarksville, TN (39204BR)
  8. Sales Customer Service Specialist, FEDEX, Monterey, CA (39167BR)
  9. Blue Star Museums Program Manager, Blue Star Families, Washington DC-Virtual (39108BR)
  10. Transition Assistance Program Analyst, Dept. of the Navy, Washington DC (39109BR)